Santa Clarita Marathon as well as half Marathon results as well as recap

Hello! I just had the busiest weekend ever – so together with the Santa Clarita Marathon results I’m going to share all the fun! likewise – exactly how did all my good friends running the new York City Marathon do?! Fais moi savoir!

Join me back on Saturday night for a second…

I went to a huge household celebration for my Nino’s birthday. My lil sibling as well as I had some fun taking selfies…

and the food was amazing, per usual.

Since the Santa Clarita Marathon is 80+ miles from my house, however ‘only’ 45 miles from my mom’s I slept there last night.

I’m thinking about moving back for apparent reasons…

la nourriture.

They have elegant creamer – I never purchase this stuff since I understand I’d drink everything in someday – potentially on cereal.

Santa Clarita Marathon

Santa Clarita Marathon as well as half Marathon –  because it was daylight cost savings time or something I woke up before my alarm as well as got to the race with lots of time to spare. The announcer was excellent about providing remove updates as well as reminders, there was lots of parking, the race started on schedule as well as many significantly – there were lots of porta potties.

Here’s the race t-shirt – I didn’t take a photo of the medal yet.

Starting line about 20 minutes before the race – this is the excellent thing about smaller races – you don’t requirement to get there 4 hours ahead of time.

I was FREEZING at the begin as well as somebody saw me shivering as well as provided me their sweatshirt!! Isn’t that the nicest thing of your life?!

I believed it was a great program – extremely beautiful around the regional paved trails. It’s not very interesting as well as most likely finest as a half marathon. There are not a great deal of spectators – so it is extremely different from that other race going on this weekend (NYCM) however the weather condition was ideal for running – great as well as quite (no crazy winds like NYCM). There were lots of water stops as well as the volunteers were very nice.

This marathon was my 10th full marathon of the year! much more importantly, it’s my LAST marathon of the year! Ouf. In addition to the race I had 3 extremely essential celebrations for people I like so I thinking about not running – however I wished to cross one last 26.2 off before I retire my marathon legs for 2014. (I have half marathons coming up.) I’m thankful I did it now that I’m on the other side of that surface

Santa Clarita Marathon time: 3:54:08

Pace: 8:55

Updated to add: I ran one more marathon without a watch. I just haven’t been able to get my Garmin to work – however I’m going to work on that this week. I just have a great deal going on in Monicanland as well as haven’t made it a priority. I do believe it would assist to speed as well as push myself much better so I requirement it asap!

From the race I had to rush back to my mom’s, take a shower as well as go to my Grams’ for her 90th birthday celebration! I don’t have any type of photos of that since I was late as well as just trying to delight in my fam.

Then, I rushed to my good friend Bri’s infant shower. My women SkinnyRunner, KT as well as Shelley threw it as well as it was the most beautiful shower!

Les filles!

From there I hit up whole Foods for ALL THE FOOD. I didn’t eat that much today (seriously – I didn’t eat a ‘real’ meal for me as well as it was 6pm).

So I got all this for tonight. juste moi. Boom.

Question: Today is stack on the Miles day 2!  It’s Sunday – what do you have organized for this week?

Question: What was the very best thing you ate or drank this weekend?

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