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hey there hello! Sorry this post is late, but as long as it’s not my period we’re all good right?

This morning I woke up and realized there are only 60 days until Ben’s reunion and I needed to figure out reservations so we could potentially cancel the “just in case” reservations we already made.
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This ended up taking over an hour so I made a decision to eat breakfast before doing some exercise. I made an egg sandwich with a veggie sausage on a sandwich thin. I am usually not a savory breakfast person, but this was good. I’m not in love with veggie sausage but get them every now and then so I don’t feel like I’m “missing out” on sausage.

I also made a big fruit salad ? I can’t wait until I can throw some watermelon in there!

Then I crossed my fingers that it wasn’t going to start raining and set out on a walk. I wanted to hit up the store for some yogurt. I’m very delighted that it didn’t rain on me as I forgot an umbrella and would have been SOL.

When I got back I made PB&J with carrots and brussel sprouts. Lunch of champions.   

So after my “Reality of the Situation” post I took a step back to examine what I was ready to do to reach my goals.

I looked into lots of different dietary modifications, I emailed fellow bloggers for insight and I talked out loud to myself on long walks (at least no one tries to mug the crazy person, right?).

The irony of the situation is I often get asked by readers and friends about meal plans and losing weight. My answer is never the same for each person as I really think you need to make changes that relate to your own reasons for being overweight.

Pour moi, c’est:

Le grignotage

Eating while cooking

Overeating at meal times and/or eating Ben’s food

Going overboard with sweets/way too much fake sugar

Not eating enough protein

Waiting too long between meals/snacks so my hunger can’t be satisfied

So I have made a decision to work on these things that are stopping me from getting to my goal weight. I have also made a decision to keep a food journal for the next 60 days. I’m putting a time limit on it because I don’t want to write down everything for the rest of my life, but I do need to acknowledge all the food I eat (sometimes mindlessly and as a result “forgotten”).

I am not in any way anxious that this will activate any of my issues considering that I have read and re-read Intuitive eating enough to know how to observe my routines without beating myself up over it. For those of you familiar with the lingo, I stay in my “neutral adult” voice and not “critical parent” or “rebellious teen”. Encore avec moi?

I am going to make a separate tab for updates on this so you don’t have to read about it if you don’t want to. I know lots of of my readers have a history of ED on some level and I in no way want to activate that.

Please realize I am an adult who is very aware of her goals, mental state and capabilities. I have made a decision to go about weight loss in a way that is best for me. only God can judge me now (meaning I don’t really need you to).

Question: Ben’s school is odd and does reunions annually (not every 10 like most). Does your school do that?

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En tant que

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