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How’s your day?

I was on a spring cleaning rampage today and threw out a ton of stuff this morning. I took a short break to have a snack. notice vegas in the background in the “Goodwill” pile. I’m sure he’ll find a good home.
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Marathon training Day 6
Marathon training Day 6. Running blog update.

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Marathon training Day 5


It’s gotta go!

I have 4 drawers of running gear broken down into: tops, capris/shorts, sports bras / socks, and warmer gear. All this after I made myself throw away a ton of it!

I went to Costco to fill my BC prescription (sorry to everyone on mini-Monican watch) and the samples were poppin’! I had a piece of pizza, Pop Corners, veggie patty and a freshly made chocolate chip waffle. Tellement bon.

Then, I grabbed my one true love and went home…

Lunch was a bucket o’ salad with veggies, boca burger, TJ’s peanut dressing and mixed nuts. I don’t know why I purchase mixed nuts when I just want the cashews.

Lunch dessert / Lessert – Apple chips

I have really been having a hard time staying on track with my snacking. But, Ben thought I purchased this cake just to make for a snack yesterday! Geez.

It’s really for my Easter Bunny Cake! I’m thrilled to eat the batter. Heck yeah, I eat raw eggs. live dangerously people, we all gotta go sometime.

Today’s Ask a Monican includes a question from a reader asked on behalf of her busy sweetheart and another question about my first kiss. Back in the day Caitlin and I were going to start a blog about vagines and girly guidance and stuff, but it never really worked. It was for the best, but if you have relationship questions for an unqualified blogger to answer – send ‘em over!

Ask a Monican #35

1. My sweetheart is very busy with school and doesn’t have time to run. What do you do when  you are stressed, but can’t run?

2. My running shorts ride up and I feel like I’m flashing the world. Aider!

3. When, who, where was your first kiss?

Questions: any guidance or suggestions for these people?

When was your first kiss??

En tant que

En tant que

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